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Preparation is key and it is important that we have in enough information before making an important decision such as selecting a residential or commercial unit or choosing an auspicious date for a wedding or simply to launch a new product or shop. The art of Chinese metaphysics is a toolbox of various techniques to harness and tap the environmental energies known as qi (life force) with the ability to help anyone empower themselves and improve their well-being.

Classicalfengshuiworks utilises a variety of techniques such as Xuan Kong Liu Fa (玄空六法),San Yuan fengshui (三元风水),qimen dunjia (奇门遁甲), and Imperial fengshui (金锁玉关) to help our clients lead more fulfilling lives.

Auspicious Date Selection and lucky timings

Auspicious date selection for activities is a cornerstone of Chinese metaphysics. Choosing the right time or wrong time to do something often has a multiplier effect. While most of us select dates based on convenience or our habits, date selection techniques have their roots in many ancient civilisations where court or royal astrologers are often consulted before every major activity. These techniques are often closely guarded secrets in the royal family and it was only much later that various knowledge about Chines metaphysics found its way to the common folk. Despite the various methods available, the primary basis for all forms of date selection is simply to align the energies of the universe with a particular activity.

Contact us for selecting an auspicious date for weddings, shop opening, renovation, house moving and more. Give yourself a little boost using the ancient art of Ze Ri (Date Selection).

Auspicious house/unit selection

The saying “prevention is better than cure” holds true for property purchases. It is better to select the better unit from the onset than spending money on extensive renovations and fengshui audits at a later stage. In some cases, there is very little one can do due to either financial constraints or physical and environmental constraints due to the structure of the house. Unit selection is a long process and for commercial units, there is also the rental and footfall to consider. Take some of the stress away and leave it to our experienced consultants. We will provide our recommendations based on your preliminary selection.

Contact us for fengshui unit selection with our 3-pronged selection criteria using San Yuan San He fengshui (三元三合风水) and Imperial fengshui (金锁玉关).

Predictive analysis and strategic decision making with Qimen

Qimen Dunjia is a one of the three major predictive methods that include Da Liu Ren, Tai Yi Shen Shu. Legend has it that the great Chinese military strategist Zhuge Liang was a master of qimen dunjia and so was the famous Prime Minister, Liu Bowen during the Ming dynasty. Today, it is often used as a strategic tool especially by Asian businessmen in East Asia as an additional framework to help them in their decision making. Originally used for military decisions, qimen dunjia is primarily used as a predictive technique to predict the likely outcome of an action or decision. Many Asian clients use qimen as a means to provide an extra layer of information before they commit to a big-ticket item purchase like property. It can also be used as a form of date selection and to a lesser extent, on fengshui matters.

Contact us for predictive analysis and strategic decision making using qimen dunjia. It is always good to be prepared.

Four Pillars of Destiny Coaching and Analysis

Modern human resource managers often put candidates through various personality tests such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Emergenetics profiling to find out more about their candidates. The ancient Chinese has their own profiling method or personality tests which is known as the Four pillars of destiny. In fact, it goes beyond about finding out about somebody’s innate nature, strengths and weakness. It can also tell us about our health, the best industries to work in or skills that we should acquire. Far from being fatalistic and arbitrary, the Four Pillars of destiny or Chinese profiling as we like to call it, is a useful tool for destiny coaching and analysis and can offer useful insights like modern personality tests.

Contact us for a personalised report on your very own Chinese profiling and personality tests. “Know yourself and your enemies, and you will always emerge victorious.” (知己知彼,百战百胜-Sun Zi, Chinese military strategist)

Metaphysics Atelier Jeffery Soong testimony

He has provided timely and practical guidance on several occasions, when I need more assurance or sensible critique after rational deliberation. Fengshui is expressed in a very natural, sensible and non-religious manner which is at the same time easy to digest for most if not all. He will often provide a good amount of background to the laws of his studies, which frames the particular discussion we are interested in that moment before dispensing advice in both written and oral form. As with seeing a chiropractor or a psychologist, the effects are often anecdotal and the feeling post consultation is definitely positive, eye-opening and I will greatly recommend without hesitation.

- Jeffery Soong

The consultants at Metaphysics Atelier (MA) have been helpful and responsive to my queries and requests. They have also gone beyond the scope of the agreed services and explained the use of Chinese Metaphysics in an easy to understand manner. I recommend their date selection services

- Yong Chin


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