2023 Tai Sui, Fengshui and Starting work dates

For clients and readers who have been following our Facebook page, we have already provided the auspicious/recommended dates for starting work for 2023. We have written our recommendations with the average salaried worker in mind when most are expected to report for work between 7-10am. For those who are fortunate enough to be running their own businesses or intending to open a new commercial property, please feel free to contact us for a more detailed/precise timing. You can reach us at hello@fsworks.asia.

Auspicious Date to start work (2023 CNY)

2023 新春开工吉日

1) 27th Jan 2023 7-9am (初六)

(Auspicious directions SW & W)

Today is not suitable for people born in the rabbit zodiac

2) 24th Jan 2023 9-11am (初三)

(Auspicious directions SE & NW)

Today is not suitable for people born in the rat zodiac

3) 26th Jan 2023 7-9am (初五)

(Auspicious directions NW & W)

Today is not suitable for people born in the tiger zodiac

In 2023,Pray to Tai Sui only after Li Chun (立春)

A few clients have asked us about Tai Sui which in reality, is actually a folk religious practice that has somehow found its way into the Fengshui marketplace. As this is the year of the rabbit, using the concept of bazi (Chinese destiny reading), the animal sign which is directly opposite the rabbit zodiac is said to be “clashing” it. In this case, it is the rooster zodiac. The Tai Sui which is actually the Grand Duke or the planet Jupiter is said to exert a great influence on human affairs especially when it comes in conjunction with Saturn. Hence the ancients placate the Grand Duke (Tai Sui) by praying for its blessings complemented by religious practices that frankly, has little to do with fengshui.

What about clashing the Tai Sui and reading the annual horoscopes? Who would blame you for asking this question as all of us are curious about the unknown and eager to know what’s in store. However, the annual zodiac reading is generic in nature and affects only the annual pillar out of 4 other columns (in some cases 5 columns) of Chinese destiny reading. Yes, one’s luck may be affected and there may be changes and much volatility but its really much more than that. Hence hold your horses and avoid being too happy or sad when reading that horoscope “analysis” in the shopping malls. There is no necessity to buy any lucky items even if one clashes the Tai Sui from a fengshui’s point of view. More importantly, please avoid buying any rabbits for “good luck” just because it is a rabbit year. If anything, you are likely to cause more harm to animals and creating a lot of stress for yourself once the “cuteness” wears off in a few weeks.

Tai Sui Fengshui (Credit: Picture from internet; not ours)

In any case, contrary to what some may said, for those clients who believed in praying from a religious standpoint, we have advised them to do so after Feb 4 or Li Chun. This is when the year officially transits from a tiger year into a rabbit year. Hence from a Chinese metaphysics point of view, any prayers done to the Tai Sui before Li Chun is technically still praying to the previous in charge and not the one who is in supposedly in charge of the year of the rabbit. And yes, the year of the rabbit will only begin after Li Chun or around Feb 8. Please feel free to continue to visit the temples to pray for divine blessings or obtain a talisman that is blessed by the priests or deities, as these are more of folk cultural or religious as practices as opposed to fengshui or Chinese metaphysics practices. However, please do keep away from the salesman who ask you to buy a 10k+ product or luopan as you are clashing the Tai Sui in 2023.

Renovations & the 5 Yellow

What about renovation since the feared yellow 5 (which is also the emperor star ironically) is in the NW sector of this year’s flying star’s chart. The older masters will probably ask you not to do any renovation in that sector or simply to avoid any renovation for the entire year. Given today’s environment, sometimes, its not very practical advice. Besides there is the daily and monthly flying star and because of the way the earth moves, the stars are constantly in a flux every few minutes. For those like us who believe in taking a more modern and practical approach to fengshui and Chinese metaphysics, our take is to just choose a good date to mitigate the negativity, keep calm and carry on. There will still be some hiccups here and there but let’s face it, when there is a need to renovate, there is a need to renovate. Besides, what’s life without hiccups? Do write in to us @ hello@fsworks.asia if there is a need to select an auspicious date to get married, ROM, start renovations etc.

We wish everyone a blessed Lunar New Year ahead. May readers and clients have a prosperous and healthy year of the Rabbit.

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