Using a negative element in a useful way-the role of the modern-day practitioner

During destiny consults/readings, we sometimes come across clients who face major conflicts in their lives and they need some advice. Much of Chinese metaphysics has to do with the idea of achieving harmony or balance. (Yin-Yang) The concept of the Useful God and favourable elements are used extensively during these situations. Amongst the different kinds of Useful Gods, the regulating god helps to restore balance and can help an individual avoid extreme actions/character/mindsets. It provides a sense of empathy or contentment or even gratitude if you like.

In today’s world where mental health is very important, sometimes having a balanced mindset is more important than money-making itself.

However, what happens if the useful God makes one uncomfortable or is negative to the natal chart? For instance, a weak fire day master or natal chart will need fire to enhance the chart. However, if born in summer or during the daytime, water actually helps to regulate the temperature. Isn’t that a clash between the elements? Can we use a negative element in a positive manner?

“It can be negative to a natal chart but one can still use it in a positive manner to bring out the positive quality especially when it is a useful god or positive element.”

Classical Fengshui Works

This is the main point about using the useful God. They are useful in circumstances and scenarios. It is not static and may not work for everyone. Different strokes for different folks. For some, a supportive and encouraging environment is best to bring out one’s qualities. For others especially those in competitive sports or martial arts training, constant scolding, and pushing one to one’s mental and physical limits are everyday occurrences.  But clashes and being uncomfortable isn’t always bad and this is the meaning on how somebody can use a negative element in a positive light. I am sure one can find countless such examples in sports and martial arts coaching.

An ordinary person can suddenly find him or herself in leadership positions during extremely uncomfortable or chaotic situations but when placed in another situation, he or she may be just another average Joe.

Free to download photo from pixal bay on sports coaching. Many sportsmen have exceeded their personal limitations due to being in uncomfortable situations and scenarios

The officer star causes stress and places huge demands on oneself. Yet it forces one to have discipline and engage in activities that may be beneficial. It can be negative to a natal chart but one can still use it in a positive manner to bring out the positive quality especially when it is a useful god or positive element.

This is how we approach the subject in our practice. It is important for modern-day practitioners to exercise some judgement during consultations. Most of the classics are written in a different era with very different perspectives, many of which are no longer relevant in today’s context.  We seldom interpret a chart based on fixed parameters (structures that assign a certain grade when X element/DM sees X element etc). While the classics do mention them, we do not think that such approaches are useful. Otherwise, we would still be talking about 伤官剋官,为祸百端 which in today’s context of women’s empowerment, is highly politically incorrect. What happens if we do observe charts like that? This brings us to our second point on the role of the practitioner in today’s world?

Would we be true to learnings by directly parroting what is written in the classics? Do we inform the lady client that she is unsuitable for marriage etc? Sometimes, one can be technically right but wrong at the same time. In these scenarios, we simply point out the challenges to the marriage quality and as modern-day practitioners, our role is not to decide for the client on what they should and should not do but to lay the cards on the table while raising the pros and cons and the possibilities that can occur. Many ancient masters have ruined people’s lives with careless speech and comments especially on issues dealing with marriages and relationships. To be really candid, sometimes a little positive thinking wouldn’t kill anyone especially when the client is down and stressed. Haven’t we all read about how the placebo effect have lead to positive gains by patients who are medically ill?

At the end of the day, there are macro forces that go beyond our studies? One example is things like karmic forces. While we will never know for sure, it is logically quite impossible for everyone on a plane crash or ship wreck to have the same bazi or the same kind of structure. There may be similarities but nobody has and will ever be able to do a conclusive study on these matters. Such macro catastrophic events go beyond a single subject of Chinese metaphysics and sometimes, we just have to acknowledge that no matter how hard we try, certain matters are beyond our understanding. As modern-day practitioners, our role is to act as a consultant with a view to bring out an individual’s best qualities which may involve subjecting them to some uncomfortable regime/situation even if at first glance, these may be repulsive to clients and on some occasions, technically incompatible with the ancient classics.

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