Random thoughts on BTOs in prime areas

Recently, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) launched the first batch of BTOs in the prime area under a new set of very stringent criteria. Despite the asking price of mid to high SDG500k for a public housing unit, demand seems to be going strong. In Period 9, would the river in the East and Southeast be auspicious? What about the busy road in Northwest and west area? Who might it affect in the family and when will the negativity manifest? Did anyone notice that Blk 119 could be facing a “Sha qi” from the MRT while Blk 120 is so close to this ventilation shaft. This will affect those on the lower floors. Blk 104 and Blk 107 seems rather close to the central rubbish chute area. Sometimes fengshui is just common sense although it is much more than that. Is the water in the canal “beautiful”. Towering over the surrounding lower blocks, how would it affect the rest of the area? In fengshui, the surrounding and macro landform takes precedence over any formulas or combinations. It is not about fengshui items and certainly not about where you place that lucky toad or figurine that cost several hundreds or thousands.

Fengshui is also about location but the considerations are sometimes different. We hope that buyers will consider their options carefully while weighing their needs and wants. Near to town and expensive does not automatically render a unit to be auspicious in nature. On a practical level, we wonder how much room is there for price appreciation although the authorities have warned that these BTOs in prime locations are not for speculation purposes.

Images and map from HDB and open internet sources. Credits to them.


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