Before and After pictures (Fengshui Audit)

Before & after pictures. Unit was selected beforehand so we did what we can. Nothing much we can do with the main door so we match it as much as possible. Owner (single lady) wanted only 1 B/R and to demolish the walls to make it more spacious. So we positioned the bedroom door in 6-1 and more importantly, it now faces a positive direction for Period 9. When it comes to fengshui in the kitchen, many western enthusiasts got it wrong with misinformation being passed on as truths through books and websites. Fengshui in the kitchen has nothing to do with colours & the stove in NE isn’t burning any heaven’s gate. However, they are some negative things to take note as they affect our health & overall well being. We repositioned the stove and advised on the location of the bed. Owner wanted to move in only during the last week of Dec so we selected yesterday for her to move in. Not the best day in our method but better than other days during the same period & supported by an auspicious hour. . Best of luck to the new owner who intend to use this as a weekend home for now.



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