Solar time or not in Chinese metaphysics? The issue of time in Chinese bazi destiny profiling

One of the most debated topics in bazi or Chinese destiny reading is the issue of solar time. There are prominent masters who refused to adjust one’s birth timing for solar time advocating that bazi is what heaven wants “us to see” so one should just take the recorded time of birth. Others insists on adjusting for solar time as much of our studies is based on the position of the sun.

Time is an artificial construct & the Chinese way of telling time has evolved over the years. Prior to Song dynasty, the new day started at 2300hrs although it has been established that the ancient Chinese adjusted and started the day at 0000hrs. – For many mainland masters (including bazi calculators from mainland China), they started a new Day Master at 2300hrs while the majority of practitioners adopt the early Rat and late rat concept. Some qimen masters avoid doing any forecasting during the hour between 2300-0000hrs as a matter of preference. Countries have also changed their time zone for both economic and political reasons. Singapore adjusted its timing forward by 1hr 4min (thereabouts) while for bigger countries like China and Russia, it spans across different time zones. What about northern and southern hemisphere? There also seems to be slight/minor differences between the popular online calculators that calculate for solar time.

Unfortunately, ancient classics do not provide a clear-cut answer & it is important to avoid an over reliance on classics. The ancient bazi classics have a preference towards strong charts and an inherent basis towards officialdom and men. Modern-day topics like LGBT, women rights, adjusting for time zone etc are never covered. Some of the so-called classics are also poems and interpretations by later practitioners with dubious origins. It is not implausible to suggest that many of the Qing dynasty classics have deliberate inherent inaccuracies due to the animosity between the Han Chinese and their Manchu rulers. The Chinese style of imparting kungfu has always been to keep one last technique for oneself lest giving away “heavenly secrets” openly? Does this apply to Chinese metaphysics? We suspect so. Some of the classics may possibly be miswritten or interpreted in such a way that it misled the Manchu conquerors. Furthermore, the Zi-Ping method of bazi or Chinese destiny reading only appears very much latter in Chinese history and much of the early bazi reading was done via Auxiliary stars. The idea of using solar time etc were latter issues.

Just as the earth’s magnetic fields changes over time and its rotation slowing down over the thousands of centuries, it is somewhat inevitable that there are some forms of deviation when it comes to time related matters or when divination is concerned. The concept is akin to the concept of time periods in fengshui. There are early and later haven components in the time periods and for period 9, as the early heaven component is already in, we have already began to see its impact. While the latter heaven component is supposed to enter in 2024, due to issues described above and earth’s gravitational calibration, it is often plus and minus a few weeks/months or even years? Consequentially, this will affect the issue of time in our bazi destiny profiling. With regard to the exact magnitude of this calibration, nobody can say for sure but one thing is for certain, we are already seeing the various energies associated with Period 9 and it can be expected to be fully “locked in” come 2023/24. You can refer to our older articles about this.

Technically, while we should adjust for solar time, our experience is that the accuracy can defer for different individuals and both adjusted and non-adjusted timings can be used. Some people may find non adjusted timings to be more accurate. Surely if thousands of clients had their charts read by practitioners without having to adjust for solar time and found the readings to be fairly accurate, then it would be foolhardy to be dismissive of their practices. In the same vein, friends of ours have met practitioners who insisted on adjusting their charts only to complain that the readings are highly inconsistent and vice versa.

The natal chart is early heaven and there is a always later heaven component. Besides its Chinese metaphysics so not everything can be neatly sorted into categories. As a matter of practice, our bazi calculations do take into account solar time but we remain open to cross checking with clients and is of the opinion that not adjusting will not render the timing invalid. As we most things, we just have to learn and adjust as we go along.

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