Interesting bazi (Chinese profiling) discussion 1

This is an interesting (female) chart which presents two unique conditions. First yin fire born in Summer with fire, earth, wood being present as well- definitely a strong self. Second, with the fire lure on top, wei (earth month) should be read as fire again supporting the strong self. For stems, all three stems are supporting while for branches, two are supporting with the exception of the hour branch (output). The condition for a weak chart does not rest upon whether there are elements countering it but it has to be read in its totality for season, formation and location.

The idea off qualifying each of the 10 Gods & their strength is about elemental strength & is generally not related to assessing the strength of the self and natal chart which has to go through the season, formation and location checks.

A chart can have a strong self but overall weak natal chart. Conversely, a strong chart does not mean that every element has to support it as in this case, it is still a strong natal chart even with one output element in the hour pillar. Can this then be a vibrant chart? Ding fire has no energy in the Chen branch and earth is an output. It is also on the weakening phase of the qi with reference to yin fire. Therefore, to us, this is a strong natal chart with strong self. Unlike the vibrant or fake vibrant, it should be weaken with earth (output), water (officer) and metal (wealth). Clearly, both water and metal are largely absent which already implies that this chart is not balanced and affinity with husband is low. Being of strong character and rob wealth structure, it is obvious that not wanting to lose and difficult to change one’s perspectives are manifested traits. Hidden earth also implies strong mindset.Being born in summer and strong fire self, water is an important arbitrator/regulator which prevents a negative (even though favourable element) officer from countering self and also helps to regulate the temperature.

It is however a 忌神 which produces more resource to an already strong self. Both of these elements while favourable are actually somewhat negative to the person. Can they be used? Yes…just like bitter medicine…we hate the smell, taste etc but they are somehow beneficial. Will people “die” if they use these elements? No…but they will be quite uncomfortable and may not achieve optimal results. The Useful God in this case seems to be earth which is the output element. Taken in totality, it is clear that one has strong affinity with the opposite sex starting at a relative young age crossing two luck pillars from the age of 12. It is also clear that the results of these affinity is somewhat negative or short lived especially during one’s teenage years. A change of mindset is set in the cards from age 22 onwards.

The luck pillar of 52 presents both opportunities and a bigger capacity. This can be cultivated across the earlier two luck pillars despite a clear busy period or hard work denoted by the metal (wealth) revealed. Performing an output function would be best especially with a rob wealth structure which has something to do with communications.

This is but the tip of the iceberg of what an actual consultation can do for you. Consultants perform an advisory function. The concepts presented here are actually fundamentals that most practitioners would have already know. That said, we do not engage in forum debates or arguments as there are many schools of thoughts. This has to be do with the way practitioners are trained nowadays and the cryptic and poetic manner the classical texts are being written. Do consult a qualified consultant if one has more questions.


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