Sure ways to identify a fake “Fengshui” master

If you hear the following from a “Fengshui” master, do run faraway.

a) You are to buy a luopan to place it in a certain room/direction to tame the 5 Yellows or Sha Qi

b) You need to de-clutter the house as it is creating a lot of poison arrows

c) Open bookshelves are sha qi

d) Place mirrors to extend the house to cover the missing corners

e) Install a wind chime to block sha qi

f) Have a mirror at the dining table to reflect the food; it doubles the prosperity

g) Based on 8 Mansions, the husband and wife have to sleep facing different directions or in different rooms

h) You need to paint the walls and doors in certain colours to reflect the bagua

i) You need to place a bagua to reflect the neighbour’s bagua as it is causing negative energy

j) You lack water in your chart. So you need to paint the house blue or buy a blue car.

k) The sharp corner of the table in the room is creating sha qi or poison arrows; you need to get rid of it

l) The chairs need to have a high back and side rests to reflect a mountain; provides you with stability

m) You cannot have ceiling fans in the bedrooms; it cuts you off and give you sha qi

n) Don’t have mirrors in the bedroom; they create sha qi

o) You need to do a “cleansing” ritual that involves extensive and expensive religious rites as part of the Fengshui audit (Note: Fengshui is NOT a religion; the rites (if any) are optional and not part of the fengshui audit. That said, there are authentic masters who partnered with Taoist practices as part of their practice.)

p) You are to buy figurines such as Mandarin Ducks or Chinese Love birds and place them in the universal love sector aka the Southwest to invite love

q) To enhance your career, place a figurine of a turtle in the North Sector

r) I am a grandmaster with a lineage dating from Imperial times. Therefore, do as I say (threats and hyperbolic claims are clear giveaways for BS)

s) Sitting with your back towards open book shelves causes the sha qi to attack you

t) Every year, you have to buy new fortune emblems or figurine to enhance your luck

All the examples above are what you read in “New Age Fengshui” sites or magazines by supposed “Masters”. Unfortunately, some are rather common practices/misconceptions in the Market. These methods have nothing to do with authentic San He or San Yuan Fengshui. They are not Fengshui and will not work. Any progress made is simply pure luck or placebo in nature

Finding an pseudo master or fake is more than just losing money. It is one thing to be ineffective and another to make things worse. What is even more tragic is the loss of faith into a whole wealth of wisdom that our forefathers have left us.

For authentic Fengshui, one can look for other Masters such as the following i.e. Master Jo Ching, Master Kevin Foong and Master Sean Chan.

How big one’s office is and how famous one is has little bearing to one’s technical skills. While one’s consultation charges is not exactly an accurate indication of one’s skills, do not go for the cheapest “bid” as there are too many fakes out there who charge ridiculously low prices. Remember, it is tragic for one to lose faith in this ancient art form just because of a bad experience.


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May the positive energy be with you.


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