Applying Fengshui in the kitchen-Separating facts and myths

Fengshui is about qi flow and water mouth and based on sound specific principles. Some of the most ridiculous “kitchen Fengshui” myths that we came across (especially in western “Fengshui” books) are as follows:

a) Kitchen knives, forks, and scissors cannot be seen openly as they cause conflict. They should be kept in the drawers. The only reason for this has nothing to do with Fengshui but more to do with the safety of the children in the house.

b) This perpetual myth about water and fire clash. This is taking the Five elements too literally. In the first place, the sink and stove will almost never be side by side as there is always a gap in between. What about facing one another? If we extend this silly myth, there is also the metal and earth clash. So your rice container should not be facing any metal sink or what noth? And is the metal sink a water or wood element? What about those combination washing machine with the dryer? Fengshui is not superstition. If it makes you feel safer psychologically, then buy a green colour chopping board and place it in between. (this uses the bazi concept of arbitration (通官). For us, we don’t think it really matters.

c) The kitchen stove must not be in front of a window and back face a wall. Just google this and you come across a ridiculous picture of a stove with a wall backing in the middle of a row of windows. While there is some truth in that a stove directly in front of the window may cause some difficulty in saving for a rainy day, this is not a big problem and can be mitigated with sound financial measures and other macro measures. Imagine how ridiculous your kitchen will look if you suddenly see a wall amongst a row of windows. Please do not degrade the image of Fengshui practitioners by perpetuating such myths.

d) There is another saying about not keeping sharp under the stove. This is again a myth and any impact (if any) are some inconsequential. That said, one should try to keep that part clean; no dirty or discarded newspapers. This is more of a fire and health hazard.

e) What about the colours. Pseudo Fengshui “masters” either suggest painting the kitchen accordingly to the sector that it is located or to avoid blue (which clashes with the fire in the kitchen). This is total nonsense again and has no bearing on authentic Fengshui. Besides with the popularity of induction and even portable induction cookers, modern-day stoves are very different from the past.

f) The number of burners does not equate to the number of mistresses. Seriously, we do not know where did that nonsense come from? Since modern-day burners generally have two or three burners, does that mean that most of us have 2 or 3 mistresses? And no, having a mirror to reflect the food or fire has no bearing on your wealth and prosperity. Neither does hanging wholesome pictures of food in the kitchen or dining area helps. If only, it is that easy.

Proper kitchen Fengshui can only be applied in either the San Yuan way (to position key appliances (such as the stove) in accordance to favourable flying stars direction/combination (Usually Stars 1,6,8) or the San He way (to notice the incoming/outgoing qi flow and to measure the Xue (meridian direction using the Fengshui compass). There may be some minor inconveniences caused by some bad structural issues etc but we believe that a positive macro environment will mitigate or resolve these issues. Life isn’t perfect, isn’t it?


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