Thoughts on CONVID-19 (Our only post from a Chinese metaphysics point of view)

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This is probably our only post on the virus. If there is something that we would like to say about the CONVID-19 virus as #chinesemetaphysics practitioners, it would be our view that practitioners should not be making use of this crisis to make $ or constantly trend-jacking in order to get eyeballs/sales . There are some webinars going around that uses click bait titles that seemingly promises content that can help in this adversity. Our guess is that it will be pretty generic and please don’t talk about the 5 Yellow etc. The best cure for the virus is to practice good personal hygiene such as washing hands and avoiding travelling for the time being. Wear a mask if you are sick and do see a doctor if unwell.

Of course there are clients/readers who have asked about timing etc. Since early Nov, authentic San Yuan and San He masters (like Master Jo Ching and Master Kevin Foong etc) have warned about the upcoming year as having a possible pandemic and with Period 9 coming around in 2024, there will definitely be a global economic collapse 1-2 years before that. Like other practitioners, we have also warned that Singapore will be in a dire situation especially towards the end of Q2 due to the direct energy disruption caused by the solar eclipse. That said, practitioners (even the best ones) are not deities nor doctors and one must always practice common sense together with ancient wisdom. Only with wisdom and courage can we tide thru this situation.

We have also told some clients/readers the following information. With regard to timing, the three combinations theory suggest that the earliest we can hope to contain the virus could be June/July (during the Wei month). With metal qi coming in late March/April, we will and have started to see changes such as the virus going beyond China and spreading internationally. In fact, there are reports of people who have recovered only to be infected again.

Element wise from the TCM point of view, the virus attack the lungs (metal) and yet there are people who say that it is water. From our point of view, the source of the virus could be an earth element (earth producing metal) and earth being subjected to contamination by excess water represents sickness in general. Earth is also an element of change and runs deep (longer incubation period perhaps or harder to discover?). Hence we can expect the nature of the virus to change with time as with most other viruses but more so than others. The metal rat (water) year is a double whammy. Wood representing education, research and one’s immunity will counter earth. Therefore increasing one’s immunity and one knowledge about the virus is beneficial. Sound very common sense isn’t it? Essentially, that is what practitioners should be advocating during this period. Common sense plus basic hygiene and not to profit from the crises by selling courses based on this subject matter. Then again, that is just our POV.

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