No magic in bazi 10 gods/stars-its about human psychology-Part 2

Bazi 10 Gods

Both the Hurting Officer (伤官) and Eating God (食神) are output stars in the study of bazi. Yet why does the ancient Chinese regard the latter as a positive star and is there any logic to that? In the past, mealtimes are important for the family and communal spirit is strong. The Eating god star represents that along with the luxuries of food and life. Such material aspirations are ideals for the ancient Chinese especially when many of the bazi knowledge is written not in the imperial courts but amongst commoners where life may not always be so rosy and food is scarce.

The Hurting Officer is supposedly bad especially when it is found in a woman’s chart. Apart from being perceived as outspoken and argumentative (both negative traits in ancient society), the Hurting Officer star also represents a woman. Hence it is supposed to hurt the officer star which represents the authority and the father figure. There are multiple interpretations. In ancient civilisations, women are often used to seduce the enemy (Three Kingdoms) or soften the authority figure. Outspoken women in the past have negative connotations.

Lastly, in the family, a father will often be less regimental towards his daughters; haven’t we heard the saying that a daughter is the father’s gf of his previous life. (therefore hurting officer counter officer 伤官剋官) These are the reasons why classic texts have these biases. One needs to consider the reasons behind and not just quote blindly from the classics. And why is it only bad for the woman and not for the man? It again boils down to the male dominant society of ancient China. The study of bazi and the 10 stars must be a “live” subject.

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