No magic in bazi 10 gods/stars-its about human psychology-Part 1

Bazi 10 Gods

The 10 deities or 10 stars is the grand dame of any bazi/Chinese profiling studies. It is an essential part of any analysis as the various categories not only represent human character; but also key aspects of human lives. In fact, bazi or the 10 stars offers key insights into human psychology and how human beings behave.

Heard of the phase 财多身子弱? This simply means that as you attain greater wealth, your health becomes worse? How does one attain wealth? From the pov of the ancient Chinese, it is via hard work. Working naturally involves greater stress and less sleep. As one grows in wealth, one gets to eat better and richer food (possibly less healthy) and in the process of working harder and eating more, one exercise less and becomes increasing unhealthy. Do you know that this commonly used phrase has its roots in Chinese bazi’ studies? In the language of bazi, the wealth star which is used to represent one wealth’s and also hard work amongst other things is in a countering relationship with one’s resource which represents one’s health. Wealth counters resource i.e. countering wealth. Therefore, there is nothing mystic about bazi; it is just how humans behaves which was documented by the ancient Chinese.

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