Quick Bazi analysis (Greta Thunberg)

Bazi Chart-quick analysis

We were curious about Greta Thunberg and took a look at her chart. As we do not have the time of birth; the accuracy of the chart is somewhat limited. Nevertheless, one can see that the chart will almost certainly lack some elements and is definitely not a balanced chart from a classical persepctive. This is an indication of her explosive/passionate nature. Clearly, the Day Master is weak as she is a 丙 (yang fire) person born in winter. Recall what we say about Yang Fire who can be rather impatient people and always looking to spread a particular point of view. They can also be overly outspoken and impulsive and are passionate people who champion for a cause? Sounds like the traits of an activist, isn’t it?

Yet her Day Master is weak which could mean these traits can either be positive or negative to her depending on the strength of the chart we cannot determine here. Three of her pillars comprise only fire and water elements which are elementally at odds with one another. There is also a direct clash between 子午 which suggests r/s issues with either her parents or her grandparents She is a Direct Officer structure and very often, these sorts of people want to do the right things; at the extreme end, they can be rather rigid without due consideration of others and the costs of doing. Without the hour pillar, we can only guess that her favourable elements are likely to be those that strengthen her chart given an abundance of water. 7k revealed also suggests a person of strong character and this character trait will be visible to others and not hidden from view. The fire and water elemental dominance suggests possible health issues with her speech, heart, vision or maybe wisdom/learning abilities. The negative health related axuillary stars appearing in her health palace also suggest possible health issues. If indeed she needs elements that strengthen her with her seeming abundance of water-related elements, her current luck pillar is actually negative. Interestingly, she sits on Direct Officer in her spouse palace and this is actually positive. The only issue is whether this water is positive or negative to her. We suspect that there will be a change in her character from 29 onwards and that she might find r/s matters somewhat challenging in future.

Disclaimer: This is a academic exercise from the perspective of Chinese metaphysics. While the lacking of the hour pillar poses significant challenges in our analysis, one can observe that some of the general and basic character traits remain valid.


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