10-10-2019: Is this a good day?)

Sample Qimen Dunjia chart

We came across some accounts suggesting that today is a good day for wish-making day from the qimen dunjia (奇门遁甲) perspective. The timings from 0900-1100hrs are where the Year Deity/star, Month Deity/star and Day Deity/star are all Chief/CEO(值符)and this overlapping formation is somewhat rare to come by. The Chief/CEO is a very auspicious deity/star and at first glance, this is a highly auspicious day. But is it?

However during that hour, the East palace is actually countering the Life Door (生)and the stems (壬辛) aren’t exactly positive although the Chief/CEO star being fire element is okay in the East palace. But more importantly, this is the Day/Month breaker where there is a 辰戌 clash between the day and month. This is the worst kind of clash and for date selection, this is the first filter that we apply. And because of this clash, most softwares will recognise it as a destruction day (破日). It is important to avoid this day for any important matters even if it is an overlapping chief in the East direction from the qimen dunjia perspective. Even if it is for wish-making, we suspect that the positive effects will be perhaps heavily discounted due to the clash and the somewhat negative structure of the palace. Wishes made may come true but likely at a cost. But who knows; one or two may escape unscathed but do you want to take the risk?


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