Transiting Fengshui Period 8 to 9 (Part 2)

Some of our clients have asked us to clarify the Heaven and Earth portion of Fengshui Periods from the earlier post. Simply put, each period is associated with both an early Heaven gua (卦)and a later Heaven gua. (先天后天八卦)Each of these gua(s) is associated with a myriad of things. Therefore for Period 8 (2004-2023), it is represented by 艮 (Gen) and 震 (Zhen)。For period 9 (2024-2043), it is represented by 离 (Li) and 乾 (Qian).

During the transition years, the heaven qi (气)will be activated first followed by the Earth qi. This means that for Period 9, the heaven qi will be activated in stages from 2017 onwards. We see that the main characteristics for Period 8 are denoted by 艮 (Gen) and 震 (Zhen) which refers to the youngest son, elderly men (oldest son) as well as changing weather, movement (i.e. migration-related/weather/economic changes) etc.

This shows that during this period, issues related to the youth (social media, internet etc) will be in vogue and there will be many new developments in these areas. Is it a mere coincidence that the first iteration of Facebook was born in 2004? The countering relationship between earth and wood shows that new megatrends will generally upset the existing order (disruption) while issues relating to an ageing population, global warming will be of concern. The rebellious nature of youth also indicates the possibilities of youth-led/related events that upset the existing order. (Recall Arab Spring in 2010, first I-phoe’s launch in 2007 etc) It could also refer to the changes that are caused by new technologies that are spearheaded by youths or the millennial(s); think the term was coined during this period.

In the same vein, Period 9 is represented by 离 (Li) and 乾 (Qian). Qian represents the authority figure while Li represents the middle-aged women/middle daughter. As one can see, this is indicative of more possible conflicts between the rebellious youth, the upcoming women’s power VS the existing order represented by the Qian (Old men in power). As the energies of Li has already been activated in 2017, one can observe greater interest in Chinese metaphysics and subjects represented by fire. Fire as we all know refers to the sun i.e. hotter weather. Qian can also represent the cold, cool and frosty ice. What can this tell us? The melting of the ice; translate this to what we see in today’s world; it is indicative of more harmful effects due global warming. The impact would be more pronounced come 2024 and we should all do our part to fight global warming. These are but the tip of the iceberg on how we can interpret the transition of time periods.


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