Selecting an auspicious date

For the Chinese metaphysics practitioner, date selection is often one of the key services that is being sought after. After all, most of us would want an auspicious (& convenient) date for important events like wedding, house renovation, moving into a new house, signing of a contract etc. While psychologically, we can tell ourselves that everyday can be a good day, instinctively, we all know that some days are better than others. On those days, we feel better, have more enthusiasm or simply have more energy. In the same vein, the principle behind #chinesedateselection is to align the energies of the day with a particular activity and also to match it with the person(s) involved as much as possible. In fact, matching it with the person can be deemed as more important as there is no point in choosing a good day that doesn’t benefit me or worst, is clashing with me.

It would be a gross mistake/miscalculation to simply think that date selection involves just taking out the Almanac (Tong Sheng 通賸) and selecting a date based on what it says. There are several methods to select a date which includes the Dong Gong date selection, Fengshui, qimen dunjia date selection, the 12 officers method or the bazi method. There are also divination arts like Yi Jing and Da Liu Ren that covers date selection. Truth be told, nobody can or should use every single method because you will ended up frustrating yourself and your client. Some practitioners just apply one or maximum two methods but here at MA, we prefer to adopt what we call a layering method. There is a primary (most important) filter that we use before we take into account the client’s bazi and the said activity before layering it with other criteria and filters and make the best of what we can (depending on the client’s specific requirements). While we try to provide at least 3 choices, sometimes, the given time frame is too short and we may end up with only 1 or 2 available dates. Occasionally, when circumstances change and clients have to select a new time frame, we will select a new date based on the new time frame without any additional charge. Major life activities like getting married or moving into a new house are already stressful activities and we try to add value and not create more headaches.


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