Fengshui Period 8 to 9

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We live in a period of massive change; new geopolitical challenges, climate change etc. Practitioners of #fengshui and #chinesemetaphysics should be familiar with the 9 Periods of Fengshui. Each cycle is about 180 years divided into 9 different periods each lasting about 20 years. Our current cycle started in 1864 (at the end of the Taping Rebellion during the Imperial Ching Dynasty) and we are now in a transitional stage towards Period 9 in 2024. The transition has technically started somewhat in 2017 and each period will bring about new global trends and massive changes. The transitional years are also likely to bring about much uncertainty in world economics and politics.

Ever wonder why there seems to be a global financial crisis at intervals of every 20 plus years. While no credible and independent direct correlational study has been done between the occurrence of economic crisis vis-a-vis the transition of the heaven and earth energies during each period, we suspect that the changes should have an impact on the financial markets just as they affect human activities. For instance, during Period 9, fire-related industries like metaphysics, IT & tech and cosmetic/plastic surgery-related industries will be dominant. Representing woman between the ages of 20-40 plus, there will be a visible and sharp rise in woman’s power/influence especially in traditionally male-dominated fields like politics. During the previous periods, UK’s Margaret Thatcher was perhaps the most prominent. Nowadays, one can find the likes of Jacinda Arden, Angela Merkel, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton just to name a few. What changes/adjustments are you going to make to not just survive, but thrive in this brave new world? 


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