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photo of multiple sources of information in social meda

We like this photo; it captures the multiple sources of information in the world of social media. In the world of #chinesemetaphysics social media is a great tool to both conduct research into what’s right and also, what are some of the strange things people are doing in this space. 

Recently, we heard of at least two cases whereby self-proclaimed Fengshui masters advised the client to place the Luopan (the Chinese compass 罗盘)at certain areas of the house to “tame” the sha qi (killing energy 杀气 or five yellow 五黄)Well good luck to those folks but it probably wouldn’t work. Like the Bagua (Eight trigrams 八卦), the Luopan is not some magical tool nor does it has any magical properties. It is just a special compass with specific markings for practitioners to take directions etc. In another case, we came across another master who claimed that the houses of the parents must be audited too as they affect the houses of their children. This is taking Yin Fengshui (Fengshui for burial/tombs) a little too far and simply applying it to Yang (living) Fengshui. Well, we hope that it will work but again, we very much doubt it. Even in this space, basic common sense do apply. At the bottom-line, don’t believe in Fengshui or the charismatic Fengshui Master. Believe in the results!#believeintheresults 

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