Profiling Tests

Taking notes for profiling

Ever taken one of those profiling tests? Established tests like the MBTI has at least 16 personality types comprising a mix of 8 different profiles. It is one of the many established and accepted personality profiling systems used by many corporate human resource departments and training institues.

In #chinesemetapysics, a Bazi (Eight Characters) reading is akin to some sort of Chinese Destiny #profilingtest and pretty much does the same thing. It is also an attempt to understand one’s personality and complex nature. For one, it has many more combinations. 10 Day Stems multiply by 2 (Yin/Yang) multiply by 10 types multiply by 5 different structures. You get at least 1000 different combinations. When we take into account the differences in timing, geographical locations (nope; not everyone born on the same year/day/date/time are the same) the strength of the elements and the 4 seasons, there are at least 10000+ different personality combinations. And who says Bazi reading is static? Mind-boggling indeed!

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