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Context is important especially in the study of#chinesemetaphysics. Many students of Chinese destiny reading will come across a certain phase in the old texts 伤官剋官;为祸百端。 This refers to a certain type of structure when the output star appears together with the officer star and they are supposedly in a negative relationship with one another. Output star refers to contrarian personality types; those who go against the norms and are creative and innovative. Officer structure personality types are people who are trim and proper; those who follow the rules/book .i.e. those working in the Imperial system in ancient China; the Authority aka policeman. Personality types belonging to the former are often being frowned upon in Imperial China as they disrupt the status quo. The writers of the ancient texts were merely products of their times and this is reflected in their (often exaggerated) style of writing. 

In today’s context, this is no longer true. Hence the old texts made a big deal (in a negative way) of such personality types and often made it sound more serious than it really is. It really doesn’t have to be interpreted in this manner. Sure, they may still cause some stress to the existing order, but that is what disruption is all about. In fact, in today’s society, people who are positive “disruptors” will be successful. Therefore, do not worry if you find such “negative” structures in your own chart. 

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