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Many practitioners of Chinese Destiny Profiling (Bazi) often claim to be practising 子平八字 or to be from the 子平 school. Fact is Bazi studies have evolved over the centuries and it is possible that 子平 may not even be a single person but a collective group of masters or from a village in China. 子平 can be translated as peace/harmony for the descendants 子孙平安。The two seminal texts 渊海子平 and 子平真诠 were written several centuries apart. The original method for analysis primarily covers the interactions of the pillars and the relationships. This gives rise to the terminology 四柱八字 or Four Pillars of Destiny. Later masters included other key methods that we use today such as the concept of the Useful God(用神)Therefore, in bazi, there is a difference between the natal chart and the Day Master and both can have the same or different unfavourable elements. We can use both and need to differentiate them. This is a primary point of confusion that one needs to think about on our journey in #chinesemetaphysics.

That said, there are old masters who seem to mock modern-day practitioners who did not read the ancient texts. Our consultancy’s view is that some knowledge of the ancient texts is necessary and while it may enhance our theoretical knowledge, the ancient books need to be contextualised for today’s digital age. One must also be mindful of their (often) exaggerated language and frankly, even if you memorise texts like 穷通宝鉴,三命通会,滴天髓 (which is impossible btw), it does not enhance your ability to read charts significantly and in the way that is practical and applicable for us in this digital age. For aspiring consultants, while we encourage you to read extracts or snippets of them whenever possible, we must be mindful of its application.

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