Bazi and Health

bazi and health for Chinese metaphysics

Health is often one of the more difficult topics to analyse in a Chinese Profiling (八字 bazi) report. In #chinesemetaphysics, there are also various methods. For instance in 奇门遁甲 (Qimen Dunjia), seeing the 庚芮 star together in same palace can often imply cancerous related ailments.

For Chinese metaphysics, one of the methods we utilise is to take a look at the most excessive/strongest and weakest element. All our bodily organ/functions can be represented by the five elements. But it does not stop there. For instance, an issue relating to the eyes is a symptom of wood related issues i.e. excessive wood. But what is the source of the issue? The issue with the eyes is the manifestation of the underlying problem. Water is the resource for wood. One should then consider examining if there are issues with water related elements. One can go a step further. If water related elements are the source of the problem, what does water mean to the Day Master of the individual? For example, a fire Day Master person could have an issue with the bladder (water element). What is the resource for water? Answer is Metal. Therefore how does metal relate to the Fire Day Master? It is an officer star. Perhaps the person may be giving too much of pressure and not getting enough rest. There are issues relating to the skin/nose/lungs/intestines etc (root cause) which shows up by having bladder related issues. Having done this step, the practitioner’s next step is to advise/forecast when the issue is likely to be activated e.g. for water related problems, during months of 亥,子,丑 or when 壬 and 癸 are revealed.

This sort of analysis between root and symptoms forms the basis for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This is also the reason as to why when you see a TCM practitioner for an issue relating to the ears, they sometimes prescribe you with medicine for the stomach/spleen instead which is seemingly unrelated. That said, always consult your medical professional and NEVER depend on metaphysics alone to resolve your medical issues. Your metaphysics practitioner is not your doctor. Believe in the results and not the theory/concept.

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