The Chinese Zodiac

Photo of Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Chinese zodiac has always been a point of fascination for people and innovative salesman alike. Very often, shops/retailers will ask u to buy some pendant/ring that bears a supposedly compatible animal sign or only cooperate with people of that certain zoadic.

If only life is so easy. Innovative sales tactic but sadly, an extremely flawed intrepretation of #chinesemetaphysics. These animal signs refer to the earthly branches and are used by ancient Chinese (many of whom are engaged in agarian work) to represent the different seasons and the “energy” according to the seasons. So in their worldview ; similar to TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) and most things Chinese, they divided these energies into elements and within these elements, there are various combinations and possible relationships. The three combinations refer to the relationship between a group of zodiac signs and the possible result i.e. transformation of element etc. It has nothing to do with pendants etc and the animal signs are symbolism of something.

For instance, 申(monkey),子(rat) and 辰 (dragon) have a possible combination relationship to form water. It doesn’t mean the rat is compatible with dragon and monkey. This is the reason why some older Chinese or fortune teller will refuse to let their children marry people of an conflicting sign like Goat and Ox. This is folklore and has no grounding in #chinesemetaphysics. Isn’t this sad? Two persons; perfeclty in love only to be separated by such folklore. As for secret benefactor (no such thing), it is just another theory in the whole scheme of things; Element of Rat happens to combine with Ox (it is not the animal sign that combines but the energy that it represents). 

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